The first impression counts - go visual!


The first impression counts.


Before a visitor to your website reads the text, the eye has already scanned the pictures. The brain takes milliseconds to decide whether the content is of interest or not.


We want perfect photos for your homepage. With attention to detail. To make it interesting. Pictures which tell a story, about your product, your service or your holiday apartment.


And the right price-service-ratio.
Half-day shooting with a professional photographer from € 299,-.

Panorama photos

With a wide angle lens or a 360°panorama.


Present your business in the internet professionally, not just with simple pictures but interactive insights into your rooms. These techniques often decide whether or not an inquiry is made.


360°panorama photos will be standard in the near future. Visitors to your homepage receive a 3 dimensional impression and can click to look around.


Combined with the 360°panorama gallery, several panorama photos can be displayed. One moves from room to room. Inside or out.

Tall tripod photos

The cheaper drone - for the perfect top view.


Simple - the camera is attached to a tripod which can be extended up to 17 metres in height. The perfect alternative for places where a drone is not possible. 


Create pictures to astound. Visitors get a better concept. 


Also suitable for 360° photos - you can present the area surrounding your company as well as the rooms.


Amazing perspectives produce amazing pictures!


The drone carries a high quality camera, creating HD images and excellent print quality. Videos of up to 4k resolution. A high sensitive electronic carrier ensures any vibration from the drone does not reach the camera.


Follow flight pictures on a LIVE-monitor close to the pilot. Right from the first flight the right perspectives can be established. 

Note: Flight permits from Austro Control GmbH for Austria, permits for Switzerland and states in Germany are available.