Homepage analysis

How does the internet view your homepage?


The following questions are answered:


  • How is my homepage found in the internet?
  • How many back links refer to my homepage?
  • Do I have a sitemap.xml for Google?
  • Who does my domain belong to?
  • Are all settings in my domain correct?
  • Is my homepage search machine optimized?
  • Does my homepage violate the law in any way?

Homepage production

A new homepage with a modern design using current technology? Self maintenance or prefer full service? Don't just gain visitors to your homepage - but paying customers!


  • Homepage development and production
  • Permanent new designs to choose from
  • Free training & support for homepage maintenance
  • Includes hosting, email sytems & free domain

Customer support

With info - always a step ahead!


Know where you stand. easyLOOP provides customers with a quarterly position check. That means customers receive confirmation on their Google® placements. If they are not adequate, our SEO specialists provide further adjustment. And a short report. Then the next quarter is checked and adjusted.

In the annual meeting the following points are discussed:

  • Chances and future visions
  • Joint evaluation of Google Analytics
  • Adjustments to your homepage
  • News and trends